Saturday, 31 January 2015

'Leap of Death' reviews

Here is a good review of 'LEAP OF DEATH' in this month's Uncut Magazine. 

What's more, it was also included in John Mulvey's 154 best records of 2014! (coming in at #71). 

Sunday, 4 January 2015


After its premier at Brighton Cinecity Film Festival last month, I'm glad to be able to share 'THE GREAT WORK,' an animated short film by Borbonesa for which I created the title music and sound design.

Here it is, followed by some text I wrote for them about how it was made:

The Great Work from Borbonesa on Vimeo.

The soundtrack for the 7 sequences of 'THE GREAT WORK' were all produced from the same audio source material: an unlabelled cassette tape found in a charity shop in Margate, Kent. The tape features a long personal recording of conversation during a car journey, and on the B side, what sounds like an amateur radio show with excerpts of 'light' music and commentary. The sounds on the tape were sampled (converted to digital files) and edited, processed, and resequenced, and mixed to create the score. 

The title music is entitled 'The Great Work'. It was composed as a woodwind quintet with percussion and recorded using a multi-track ('sound-on-sound') process in which I played all the parts.