Sunday, 17 July 2011


'MACHINE'S SONG' is officially out now on OIB records, and available in shops, itunes, amazon, and through the OIB webstore
Click Here to listen, and Here for info

Recent press for 'Machine's Song':

"Composer Robert Stillman's sublime latest transmission sets wordless one-man band pieces conjuring a quaint Americana against mechanical collages...Like drifting off in a saloon bar reverie and waking up beside a locomotive engine.
 (    ) -MOJO

"Stillman takes over-familiar totems of Americana asks you to hear them afresh." THE OBSERVER

"Machine's Song is a creaky, uncanny music that creates an impressionistic 
picture of old America" - UNCUT

"Messy results can often arise from mingling the homely familiariarity of tradition with anarchic, free thought of modern composition, but Stillman's latest work is a storming success in this respect" ROCK A ROLLA

"Listening to Robert Stillman's extraordinary Machine's Song is akin to stepping inside some half remembered dreamworld inhabited by fairground organs, player pianos and other antique musical automata." - SHINDIG'S HAPPENING MAGAZINE

"It’s beautiful music that engages both the emotions and the intellect, and seems to exist at least partly in the shadows of memory, which is, perhaps, a bit part of what makes it such a rousing delight." - THE HURST REVIEW

Monday, 4 July 2011

April 5th 2011 at The Tank

'Station Wagon Interior Perspective (Requiem John Fahey) - Part II
Kenny Warren (tpt) Jeremy Udden (c mel) Dave Noyes (tbn) Ben Stapp (tba) Mike Johnson (dr)
Thanks to 'NY Dave' Sheinkopf for filming